I would like for my work to draw you in and invite contemplation. I use precious materials like metal leaf and traditional oil painting and glazing techniques to elevate humble things: a simple organism or a fragment of a landscape created from the imagination. Through an “invented” likeness, not a naturalistic depiction, I want to call out the power of perception, and the difference between what we simply see and what we experience. 

I earned my BFA from Cornell University, and continued painting at The New School University with artist Betty Tompkins. I taught painting at the Huntington School of Fine Arts with Joseph Mack and Lisa Hock Mack. I live and work in beautiful Brooklyn, New York. 

In my previous working life, I ran marketing and partnerships at Etsy and other startups, and worked in publishing as the founder and editor in chief of the modern DIY magazine, Adorn. I continue to design and make jewelry as Missbatch. I also love to teach creative classes and create custom commissions for photo shoots and events.